Abstract Gradient

       The LivingJoys Movement 


Our primary role is to inspire people to expand their knowledge and ways of thinking and viewing the world as a means to grow. We promote inter-personal relationship skills at all levels.


Livingjoys act as a bridging gap between school and learning, by maintaining a strong growth focus. Our role here is to guide you towards strategies and resources that can help you with your learning journey.


“You have to apply yourself each day to becoming better. By applying yourself everyday at a given task, you become a lot better.”


We’re here to remind you that the only person responsible for your growth is ‘YOU.’ When you’re determined to reach an objective, it’s the gap between where you are now, and where you aspire to be that lights a fire under you.


Conventional wisdom will always hold a common view of things, but you as a person can hold a divergent view. It’s up to you to decide which view is right for you.


   Do you join the status quo?


  Do you want to become an original?


Having a growth minded view of yourself, gives you visual clarity to pursue your goals. It is about cultivating successful thoughts and ideas that are essential to achieving success. This is a start for you to move away from your comfort zone.


 You’re capable at anytime in your life of doing what you dream of. In other to embrace growth, we have to be willing to take some risk. Making progress will always involve risk, so be ready to go out there to be seen! You can do it!