Avoiding the killer called distractions

How do you not become distracted in a world where distraction is in abundance – on TV, in the eyes of friends, in the pressure from family, in the words that you hear from your teachers or a partner?

How do you maintain your identity and stay focused on your passion and pay the debt of seeing it come to reality?

Are there some special heavenly tips?

What does it benefit to stay true to your dreams and avoid abundant distraction?

Last week on social media, there was a fight. There is always a fight. In Nigeria, a young man known as Ray Hushpuppy

called out some Nigerian artistes and said they patronized fake designer products. He called out Phyno, the Afro hip-hop star. He mentioned Ice-Prince too. Hushpuppy is flamboyant on social media. No one knows the source of his wealth – at least for now. He is young and flaunts what he has with ease. He is based in Malaysia. A lot of people feel that his wealth may not be genuine but that is not important. Hushppupy is not a singer. No one has been able to define him. He is not a politician neither is he from a family that might have been into business. Ray Hushpuppy may have struggled to become rich but his style has been the reason he earned a place in this piece. The number of young people who worship at the feet of Hushppupy on his Instagram page is worrisome. There, you’d meet young men and women who have begged to be introduced to his line of business or to be dated. He barely responds to them. He probably laughs and enjoys the attention. Mr Hushppupy is a sort of role model to a lot of young people who wish to dress in designer wears and show it off on social media. The distraction is quite high. On Instagram, if you ask the young people what they want out of life, they would point you to the man they wish to become – Ray Hush. But you may also find out that this crop of young people are neither deformed nor challenged in anyway. They have skills, some, and they have energy and passion. If they could concentrate on the things that they have passion for, maybe at the right time, their wealth would come and they too would flaunt it if they wish. Sadly, they want some wealth whose source is unknown and whose duration is uncertain. A social writer and teacher, Pius Adesanmi wrote about the young people’s problem in Nigeria in a very sad state. He said that many of the young people who are founders of thriving companies and servicing firms would gladly give up the dream for a political job of being Personal Assistants to political figures. And it is no like that is geared towards leading a nation that begs for a young and vibrant mind, it is usually to impress and show off. It is going to be a tough job to write a handbook on how to stay focused. The ability to stay focused lies in the things that make up personal principles. When you have a defined lifestyle and dream, you may not be easily swayed. You may hang on despite the many distractions that would come. It is like an older man who had a dream of getting a university degree. Even if he was mocked and given such pitiable names, for the fact that he had yearned for this for a long time, no amount of mockery would distract him. Everyone needs to learn to hold onto something that does not have a price tag. It may be a dream. It may be just some fancy thoughts of making people smile. Hold on to it and do not falter. Distractions do not last. They are created every minute. Substance, however, does last. If you can make something of your life, you may just inspire enough people to become more of themselves.

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