We all wish to change the World

Many people wish to change the world; sadly, the world ends up changing them. The things they met when they were younger and how they grew up looking at a thing had to change. How they had access to the things they needed ought to change or so, they told themselves. They did their best to see a new perspective to these things. Because they grew up seeing how domestic maids were maltreated, they felt they would give whoever comes across them the best treatment they can afford. They would not discriminate when it comes to schooling. They would do their best to make sure that humans were treated fairly, if not equally. But a lot happened and things changed.​

Before you’d change the world, eat. You’d need energy. The world is an exhaustive place to stay. It is an unbelievable workshop – a lot is churned out daily. If you have a dream and you must protect your dream, you should have the strength to withstand the storms and the headache that would come with caring. Caring for the world requires a lot – especially when you are selfless and do not expect anything in return. Eat, however you eat, please eat healthily.

The world would test all that is within you. It would start with messing up your mind. To pull through, your may need to exercise your mind and your body. When both are intact, you’d have good reason to forge ahead. You’d be shocked that those you set out to save and assist would rip you. You’d be disappointed. But with the right frame of mind, not necessary that you should be hopeful for failures, but being used to the disappointments that come with all things selfless, so much that you’d regret your decision, a good mind-exercise would not hurt. It should build you for the best.

Prayer is key. This may sound regular but coming from a guy who is not so religious, prayer could be therapeutic. The solemn moment you create to speak life into your day, to appreciate God for all there is and all there would be, all these can help fix your mind on the right path. Prayer is key may also mean that communication is vital, so that when things do not go as expected, you would still understand that you can commune with forces that are outside man and it would clear your mind and day and you’d see things falling in place. Prayer works but if you are not a Christian, find a special time to reflect on the goodness of your life and keep your mind on all that awesomeness and possibilities and you’d be on the path to victory.

To live is probably the most difficult things ever. Many people have access to living but they do not live. To live does not necessarily involve wealth. To live means, taking a moment to breath, to inhale, to notice your environment, to be human, to suck in reality, to be empathetic and more. To live is to be boundless. It is to be without restrictions of the mind. When you hear words about people, those who live verify for themselves and understand that they don’t have a million years to stay on earth. Every moment counts!

Bura-Bari Nwilo lives in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A Tiny Place Called Happiness is his first book of short stories.

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