Choose Your Friends Wisely.

Sometimes, we are as powerful as our powerful friends and powerless as our powerless friends. Jay Z once said ‘I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them.

” You are as inadequate as your inadequate friends who also need assistance. When you have a friend with a 100 million followers on Twitter and you need to get a piece of information to go out, it is easier for you.

When you are wrongly arrested by some crazy police officers on Nigerian roads and you cannot be identified but you make a phone call to a senior officer and you are released and apologized to in Nigeria, that’s some help – help as a result of powerful friends.

The people we surround ourselves with determine how strong or powerless we are. One of my grandparents would say that when you see a bird dancing by the bush-path, that it is very likely that the drummer is inside one of the bushes. It means that whatever gives it motivation is within. It means that without that motivation, it would be elsewhere doing something else. A songwriter in Nigeria says: if I no get money, I get where to borrow. The power of the right circle!

One of the reasons powerful parents send their children to Ivy League schools is because they understand the power of influences and relationship. When one attends Harvard and graduates with a great result, it is likely that serious institutions would be eager to employ you. And secondly, that your classmates won’t be mere people, but potential world leaders. It is very important that you choose the kind of friends that you surround yourself with. But before you’d have the effrontery to take up such action, you must be as good as those you intend to keep. You cannot be empty and wish to have enlightened people when you cannot afford them the kind of conversation and ideas that they bring to the table. You must be fit too to offer as much as you wish to enjoy. The process of getting this circle could be tedious. Some people never really get it. To get it, some people become members of elite societies and churches. They have understood that it takes few reliable supports to make talents resourceful. Many people with talents and great potentials may not attain their full service to earth because of the wrong circle or help. There are singers who make great music at subways across nations. They have not been able to get on TV and garner viewership and worshipers like the pop stars because the friends they have are equally in the subway with them. One can only help you if he has help. One without freedom cannot give freedom. You must identify where you wish to be and know the kind of friends and circle that would afford you that journey. I have seen people who had great resume` but could not get to certain appointments because they were too broke to afford transport fare to the places. If they only had someone who believed in them to give them a lift or a token to go to the job interview, they would have a changed story and they would live a happy life. There are people who dropped out of school because they never had people to advice them on the dangers of staying in school and how the world is yet to take people seriously when they do not have certification from credible sources. You would need smarter people to attain higher heights. Make the right friends and fly.

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