Our Generation is Drowning

Recently, I get messages from ladies a lot. I truly do not have an explanation for this. But my worry is that a lot of them are quite young. They are adults but quite young. Some are around 21 and 23. I am thirty and I feel that when one is 21 or around there, she is young.

Well, I don’t have issues with age, be you younger or older. I have been a lover of the functionality of the rational mind since I was a boy. And the functionality is not particularly restrictive. When I hear friends tell me about their fields, I try to know what makes those fields unique and why I should pay more attention to the field. ​

Recently, I met a pretty law student. I am a fan of beauty, in the various forms that it comes. But I am a fan of informed beauty, maybe that’s because I am broke and I try to stay away from non-creatively vain conversations. It is great to talk about mundane things in a flowery way. This is what being interested in arts or the things around it causes.

My new pretty friend and I haven’t had a second hangout. When we speak, I try to share my projects with her and let her come in and at least volunteer or contribute concepts. And we could do this over drinks. I haven’t scheduled such meetings in awkward places but this friend seems to be offended when asked about books. How would you become a brilliant lawyer if the only time you read is when school resumes? How would you become all-round knowledgeable if you only care about law and not life as written on the pages of books and blogs. And what has recently murdered my spirit is how someone can complain that there is nothing to read!

When I could not afford newspapers years ago, I read the Jehovah’s Witnesses Awake. They had some fascinating articles about the world, about insects and cultures. They had things about small countries that had some uniqueness that the world can learn from. These days, some great magazines publish for free. The New Yorker still shares free stories. The Economist still shares free essays. There are countless blogs across the world. There are a lot to learn. But why are young people not learning in this pool of wonders?

No better time had existed like this – that with a click one can get whatever information one needs. I have learned that a bottle of Coke can extinguish fire. I could not have learned this in my English class. I stayed on YouTube. Why can’t young Nigerians explore these avenues and know all there is to know and more?

I make friends easily but when you are just beautiful, it is a trap. I would not know what to do with you – if I have problems with figures, I would not know how to approach you. If I were deep in thoughts and needed to share things with someone, I would not know whether you’d feel offended and eventually throw me under the bus and crush me. It is still sexy to be brilliant or inquisitive. And sadly, my young friend told me that she does not want to open her mind up by reading. I’d keep her number for only when I have a party.

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