The Love of Family

I want to believe that the man who is not at peace with his family is not at peace at all, especially in Africa. And by family I am referring to both nuclear and the extended family.

On this continent, we are built to function around family so that when you excel and family doesn’t, people ask questions. They barely believe that you shouldn’t be bothered with that. When you put to bed, it is family that comes to stay with you for the long month and run errands for you.

When you are sick, it is family that stays by your bedside while your friends update and

tweet and Snapchat on social media. Family love is so important, when one lacks it, the pieces that makes the entire puzzle beautiful becomes incomplete.

It would not be fair to say that family has faired well in the lives of individuals. Sometimes, family is responsible for some pitfalls – excesses demands and lacks of unity. There are times when family is so inconsiderate that all that they care about is themselves and it doesn’t matter what you put in place to satisfy their needs. In Nigeria, when a child, especially the first, leaves the shore of the country to Europe to chase dreams and see the world, few families understand that gold doesn’t line the streets of these countries. Few understand that in harsh weathers, their child or auntie leaves the house through thick snow and go to work just to pay for the heat and to pay the insurance on some basic properties. Some families function in ignorance and total greed. But aside that, some families function in so much love that you’d be glad you were born.

Family Love is that light that fills up the room so that when you are rejected outside and fought, you come back home and feel the warmth and the love that enables you function. The right amount of love reinstates your purpose on earth. Many people who haven’t showed loved probably lacked love from home. To them, everything is about struggle. But with the pure and undiluted love of a sister, brother, mother and father, you’re not alone. They fuse faith with you and enable you stand stronger and firm in the midst of challenges.

It is imperative to know that sometimes we are not born with so much information to enable a free flow of love in the family. Sometimes, it comes by setting examples and communication. I have seen people who have not been understood and that has not helped them farewell. If you’re enlightened in your family, it could be your responsibility to educate members of the family on the need to share, to tolerate and show support. When the necessary amount of energy is geared towards such purpose, there is bound to be some progress.

Family love stays even when marriages break. It is necessary to treat it with seriousness and dedication. And I wish you the very best!

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