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I wept last night.

The rate at which our youths take their lives scares me. Reading the post about the young lady who took her life using poisonous substance made me weep even more.

I was wondering how she got to that point in her life where taking her life was her final option. The question that kept me awake at night mainly was, did she speak to anyone about her worries? She must have been in a very precarious position to consider taking her life as a way out.

Suicide rate and attempted suicide in Africa and particularly in Nigeria is alarming to say the least; it has become a trend ravaging our youths lately. Why do they give up so easily on life and probably love? How did we degenerate so badly to get here? A survey done by the BBC in 2003, said” the happiest people in the world lives in Nigeria”, that was before social media. One should think with the advent of social media, things should have been for the better with much ease keeping in touch with family, friends and even strangers. But it seems to be having an adverse effect. So many of us have hundreds, if not thousands of friends and followers on our social media pages, but very little help or support system when we need one. Everyone just comes on the cyber scene, hiding behind their keyboards and insecurities to throw shades, “clap back” or bully others. Most people have lost the ability to reason and the need for empathy. We are inundated with preachers; everybody wants to preach, on the pulpit, on social media pages and groups, offering spiritual solution but no real substance, giving unsolicited advice with no emotional help. We are all fighting for relevance, with no real answers. No one is telling the youths differently, that it’s not ok to bring others down just so you feel good about yourself, that it’s not ok, to body shame another person, that it’s not ok to call anyone “ugly”. Everyone is beautiful and wonderfully made in the eyes of God. We ascribe to the ideology that physical beauty supersedes mental brilliance in this world of fakes and showoffs. We ought to learn fast enough that at every moment we could inspire someone by an encouraging smile, a heartfelt word, and a loving hug… The truth about inspiring someone is that it never fails to inspire you too. When was the last time you felt concerned about someone, and picked up the phone to ring them, when did you last check up on distant relatives or friends or acquaintances. When did you offer to listen to someone without judgment and offered practical solutions? There are self-help books, therapists and podcasts, for individuals going through depression. We have to do our best to make people around us feel more confident in the moments when they need it the most. Every one is worthy of happiness. We all make mistakes in life; there is no perfect human. How you treat yourself and treat others in your life on a daily basis, tells a lot about you as a person. Show everyone around you that they are worthy enough and deserving of your love and compassion. It is time we take an introspective look at ourselves as humans else we lose our humanity.

Lets share LOVE.

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