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The LivingJoys Manifesto

  1. We’re here to support your growth, by adding value to your everyday living.

  2. Every life matters here. We’re centered on the principle of organized effort

  3. To become that person who lives, truthfully, openly and joyfully.

  4. To help people discover self-love after any form of traumas, mentally, psychologically or physically, guiding them on the path towards re-establishing a clear growth state.

  5. If you can conquer your fear, you can conquer the world.

  6. There is immense possibilities-as far as you eyes can see.

  7. Growth is being open to constructive feedback, especially one to yourself.

  8. ‘New thinkers’ are those who are tired of the old ways of doing things-which isn’t working anymore.

  9. To educate and empower youths with skills that prepare them for the future.

  10. We all have a past and we no longer live there. Our past makes for a better future.

  11. Growth is a process, while we embrace it, we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

  12. Progression NOT Perfection.

  13. We grow, we evolve, and we change. That’s all part of being human. We should always encourage and support positive changes in others and ourselves.

  14. Focus, passion and deep engagement to a vision are critical elements of effective growth

  15. Everyone needs practice in building anything.

  16. Wisdom comes out of experience. The experiences of others and that of yourself.

  17. We believe that connection is the foundation to opportunity.

  18. Make life make sense for someone.

  19. Dream it, Think it, Do it.

  20. In the long run, our biggest regret wouldn’t be our actions, but our inactions.