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We all do! ''It belongs to us all'', even though I manage it. Your opinion and stories are valid and important enough to change our world one person at a time.

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"Get what you want by helping others" - Zig Ziglar


This page is aimed at connecting people with the best solutions they can possibly get from 'YOU' our MENTORS. There will always be something more rewarding we find when we live a life of giving back. LIVE A LIFE OF GIVING BACK. Anything can be given freely; it depends on you the giver.


It is our believe that the greatest act of giving, is providing the opportunity to empower others to help themselves plus others. It is in paying it forward that in our own little ways, we can make the world a better place.


Here, you can give your TIME, your SKILLS, and your EXPERTISE and LIFE  HACKS that can EMPOWER others.

On this page:

*  If you are a young person and would like a mentor

*  Become a mentor

*  Willing to share ideas as young persons with each other




If you are a young person and you would like a mentor

It is important to have friends your own age but sometimes it is good to talk to someone who is a bit older, who will not judge you and who may have a different view on life. 


A mentor can help you whether you are worried, happy or just feel like having some company. Your mentor can also introduce you to new hobbies and interests you might want to do. 


You can talk to them in confidence: they will not tell us or anyone else about what you have told them. 


Who can have a mentor?

We can look at giving you a mentor if you are a  young person from 16 to 23 years old.


How mentoring works

You will be asked to speak to, email or video call with your volunteer mentor for up to two hours a week or fortnight. The meeting can be anything you like. You could:

         *  Get help with home work, job interview or upcoming school or college test

         *  Ask His or Her advice 

         *  Just have a chat 


You and your mentor will agree on what date and time you choose and is convenient for the both of you. 

DISCLAIMER: Mentors and mentees are advised against physical contact 


Ask for a mentor

If you would like a mentor, ask using the form below or email us.

Dos and don’ts of mentoring 

* Respect and listen to each other

* Make joint decisions about date and time

* Do not let your mentor down. If you wish to make re-arrangement, contact your mentor to re-arrange a different date and/or time.

* Do not just fail to turn up.

* Do not ask for GIFTS. Your mentor is spending time with you because He or She wants to and not because they have to.

*  Do not ask for personal information's, and or personal friendship. Keep respectable conversations.


Become a mentor

Mentors are volunteers who give social, emotional and academic support, offer guidance and the benefit of their life experience to  young people.


What a mentor does

If you become a mentor, you will be matched with a young person and asked to chat  with them via video calling for up to two hours a week or fortnight.


You will agree your meeting date and time with the young person. 

You can just chat, help them with homework or their CV.


Who you will mentor

You will mentor a young person between the ages of 16 and 23.


Apply to become a mentor

If you would like to become a mentor or you would like more information about becoming a mentor, you should email us.