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Welcome To Our Helpful Free Resources Page on;

Addiction: Alcoholism/Gambling/ Drug Abuse,

Sexual Assault/ Rape/ Domestic Violence,





General health,

Suicidal thoughts/ mental health,

Pregnancy/ Miscarriage,

Here at Living Joys, we care about you. We will stand with you through happy moments as well as trying times. Joy heals all pain.


The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment, as we always must.


You found your way here to Living Joys because there is something in your life that isn’t just right. You might be struggling with something painful, difficult and potentially devastating. Many of us feel lost, alone, and uncertain about life or often wonder if they can be helped, where or who to turn to?

You are in the right place, if this sounds like you, you may want to make use of any of the free resources listed below;

You may also want to join the Living Joys forum to gain insight, support and encouragement from our wonderful community.


You are not alone—we are here to help!

* Addiction: Alcoholism/Gambling/Drug Abuse


 - Freedom Foundation.

Website: www.freedomfoundation.org

Tel: 08087290000


- House of Refuge Rehabilitation Centre:

Tel: 0803 722 8206, 0709 500 1484. ''House of Refuge Rehabilitation Centre is a rehabilitation, mental health information and treatment service centre located in Lagos, Nigeria''.


- Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre:

Tel: 0807 079 0121, 0806 726 9849


-  Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry.

Website: Cadamonline.org ''For help with Substance abuse''.

* Cancer

- Cope Breast Cancer:

Website: Copebreastcancer.org

Email: info@copebreastcancer.org

Tel: +234 701 8000 004 or +234 813 7109 164


COPE aims to improve awareness of breast cancer, education, and provides screening and counselling services.


- Children Living with Cancer Foundation

Website: www.clwcf.org ''For children living and suffering from cancer''.


- Mama Cancer Foundation of Nigeria

Website: http://mamacfn.tripod.com ''Useful resources for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and support for cancer victims and their families''.


-Nigeria Cancer Society

Website: www.uicc.org  "to assist in the development of facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, to educate the public on the problems of cancer, and to conduct research in all aspects of cancer."


-Preventive Healthcare Initiative

Website: www.phinigeria.org ''To empower women with life –saving information and skills on wellness strategies that will encourage them to be proactive about their own health. Includes focus on breast and cervical cancer.


-Society of Oncology and Cancer Research of Nigeria

Website: www.socron.net ''To facilitate research, training and continuing professional development opportunities for health care providers in Nigeria'' .


-Save The Children Foundation

Website: Savethechildren.org.uk


- Save Child Africa

Website: Savechildafrica.org

Email: lisa@savechildafrica.org ''Supporting children in crisis, preventing and reducing the abuse of children’s rights


-SOS Children’s Villages International

Website: http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org ''Protecting and supporting vulnerable children



- Fate Foundation Nigeria

Website: Fatefoundation.com

Tel: +234 701 130 5444 ''Through the FATE School of Entrepreneurship, we provide aspiring, emerging and experienced entrepreneurs with training, knowledge and information on how to start, grow and sustain their businesses''. 


Murtala Muhammed Foundation | Partnerships For Change...

Website: www.mmfnigeria.org ''The Murtala Muhammed Foundation is established the Skills Development Training Program to serve as a catalyst of change in Africa''.


-The Tony Elumelu Foundation

Website: www.tonyelumelufoundation.org

Tel: +234 127746415 ''Supporting entrepreneurship and business start-ups''.


- Directorate of Technical Aid corps

Website: http://www.dtac.gov.ng/DTAC/

Tel: 0803 661 3007

A federal government agency for skill export scheme under federal ministry of foreign affairs department.


- Hopesea Nigeria

Website: http://www.hopeseanigeria.org/

Tel: 0806 783 5390, 0818 722 4599

Hotel and Personal Services Employers, Association of Nigeria (HOPESEA) provides employment services for hotels, restaurants and catering industry.


- National directorate of employment

Website: http://nde.gov.ng/

Tel: 0803 654 5508

National Directorate Of employment is a Nigerian body creates job schemes policies and skill acquisition programmes.

- National centre for women empowerment

Tel: 08033116979, 08059692780, 09-2340608.

A federal Nigerian centre created for the women empowerment through job creations.



- Youth Employment Services Nigeria

Tel: 0909 879 7450

Youth Employment Services Nigeria (YES) is a programme dedicated to improving lives of Nigeria's youth by expanding employment and economic opportunities through program and policy innovation.

*General Health

-Haima Health Initiative

Website: http://haimahealth.org.ng/    

 An online blood donation register which asks young people to register to donate blood in emergency situations


- Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, National Sickle Cell Centre,

Website: www.sicklecellfoundation.com 

Tel: +234 1 762 1522, +234 810 000 2003 (National Director),

Tel: +234 810 000 2001 (Enquiries)


-Gede Foundation

Website: www.gedefoundation.org

Gede Foundation’s drive is to be constantly at the cutting edge of underserved and highly stigmatized health burdens by embracing and addressing growing concerns over the lack of positive mental health support given to people living with HIV-AIDS. 

-The Albino Foundation

Tel: +2348035335444

An advocacy organisation that empowers persons with albinism and educates the society about albinism in Nigeria and the world.

-Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria

Website: www.downsyndrome-ng.org

One of the core areas of service at the Down syndrome foundation Nigeria is Medical Intervention for persons with Down syndrome in Nigeria.

*Pregnancy/ Miscarriage

-Traffina Foundation.

Website: www.traffinafoundation.org

Tel:+234 08034930904, +234 08036056804

For pregnant women and all women on post natal period.

-Pathfinder International/ Nigeria

Website: www.pathfinder.org

Tackles women maternity issues.


*Sexual assault/ Rape/ Domestic Violence


-Mirabel centre- sexual assault referral

Website: www.mirabelcentre.org

Tel: 08155770000, 08187243468, 08125152683, 07013491796 or 01-2957816. 

A project of Partnership for Justice where rape and sexual assault victims can access free forensic medical & counselling services.


-Women At Risk International Foundation (The WARIF Centre.)

Website: www.warifng.org

Tel: 07010219501.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre.



-Domestic Violence centre.  

Website: www.wacolnigeria.org '' This site is for;

  • Shelter/safe homes at crisis moment.

  • Legal advice/assistance

  • Counselling victims and their families.

  • Documentation of cases of abuse. As well as a drop-in centre.

*Suicidal thoughts/ Mental Health



Help and supporting the advocacy of mental health, by increasing awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illnesses/disorder. We also encourage people to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as link between young people and the mental health community.