JOY  IKUMOINEIN


Author of You Can Totally Do This: Stop Doubting Yourself, Reach for Greatness and Be Happy, and founder of the global fashion brand Tonbey London.

I love business, development and teaching. I've always loved reading and sharing what i've learned with others in books, speeches, workshops and courses. But  I'm most passionate about education of the mind and it's contribution to personal growth. I'm of the school of thought that, it's high time our education system in Africa goes through a complete reform to meet up with the demands and technological advancement of the 21st century.

I am an introvert and love my own company, and talk to myself a lot. I dream big and have very daring breakthrough goals, I'm working tirelessly to achieve. The sky may be the limit to some people, but I intend to break through it. Yeah! That's how audacious I've become.

But, I didn't just get to this point out of the blues. It took me years of painstakingly working on my growth and mindset to get here. To love myself and know that I am enough.  I will continue working on my personal development daily.

I live on the Essex countryside with my Partner, close to the bank of the river crouch. Waking up in the morning to reading a book is my favourite thing to do. It adds nourishment to my day. My other favourite thing is walking or driving around the countryside feeling the wind on my face while I day dream, and traveling the world with my family.

Everyone close to me knows how much I love anything antique. From period properties to period dramas, and  antiques fares to flea market sales. I do love beautiful things, be it, God made or man made, with an an eye for recognising quality and nice things, from labelled  luxuries, antique decorations to everything in between. 

My favourite activities when on holiday is collecting fridge magnets from every village, town, city or country I visit, and going to see classical orchestra performances. Im fascinated by the expression of ideas and emotions through images, sounds and words.

The best thing in the world to me will be to see everyone of us take full responsibility for our own growth and not leave it in the hands of another person, be it family, friends or just strangers with unsolicited opinions.  To see everyone take their power back.


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JOY  IKUMOINEIN is a development expert who has helped countless teenagers and young adults transform their personal, educational and career ambitions via school workshops, seminars and personal sessions. She started, a platform to give support, inspiration and hope to young people dealing with low self-esteem, insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence. Born and raised in southern Nigeria, Joy moved to the UK for postgraduate studies, where she graduated with an MBA in international business and is currently enrolled for a doctorate in Educational Leadership.


She is passionate about anything education, and enjoys coaching and mentoring young girls and boys to build their confidence and encourage them to believe in themselves, with the knowledge that anything is possible.


                                                       You can find her online at: