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Who Runs Living Joys?

We all do! ''It belongs to us all'', even though I manage it. Your opinion and stories are valid and important enough to change our world one person at a time.

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                                                                                    HERE, WE HOPE YOU FIND ANSWERS! 


You've come to the right place. A place of love and community. This is a place of comfort and refuge, away from a world full of chaos. Here you'll find resources to help you along the way in this journey called LIFE, and get any questions you've got about life in general ANSWERED.


That you found yourself in this place is a sign that you are ready to live JOYFULLY. That calling to LIVE again, LOVE again AND LAUGH again. I urge you to reclaim that back, if you ever lost it.


         So let me ask you:

What is that feeling telling you right now?

What are you  called to create and contribute in the world?

What is the vision you have for your life?

 Here at Livingjoys everyone is appreciated.  We are here to make a difference in our individuality.

 Livingjoys, is about inspiring and encouraging us to be better and to do better as  Humans. We are constantly faced with challenges in our daily lives that sometime overwhelms us. Despite these challenges, we owe it to ourselves to love life and live it,  not  to  give up on ourselves or on  living.

 In a world full of surplus information, we want to concentrate on the positives only. To reflect on learning new ways from others who have gone through the same path before, to better our lives. 

Sometimes,  the complexity of life drifts us away from our intended goals, this platform is intended as a place of refuge, to bring us back. This is a place to conquer adversities in life, to find inspiration again. To every problem in life, there is a solution. Hang in there..... There is light at the end of the tunnel.

A wise man once said " A good heart will give you life forever" You have  been holding on for far too long; It's time to get out and shine, to do what you have always wanted to do, to do GOOD!


It is time to bring out the best in you and share with the world, to awaken the giant in you. ​


We are here to guide each other that one step further through the journey of life along a personal journey. At Living joys, it is our desire to see people loving life and living it, irrespective of the challenges faced daily. Life is full of chaos, but we want you to focus solely on the joys of your  existence; to be alive and breathing is enough to be thankful for.


Most importantly, Living Joys is designed to inspire you to understand your self worth and invest in yourself, to live the life you've always wanted.


Are you ready to live life beautifully? if your answer is YES then;


It's your time. Get Moving.


Life is short. Live it well.


Thank you for sharing your love with everyone here.


Joy Ikumoinein

Livingjoys Founder.

p.s You are free to share your insightful story on the platform to inspire others.